Who we are?

  • Kairouan Community Foundation, est. in 2014, brings together representatives of regional and local authorities, NGOs/CSOs and local business from Kairouan and Central Tunisia
  • We are the very first cross-sectoral local partnership of that kind in Tunisia
  • We are bunch of active guys working for Kairouan area comprehensive development
  • We emphasize true community needs: being essentially grass-root and bringing a genuine change
  • We focus on tangible and meaningful actions: truly beneficial for people and communities
  • We work hand in hand as we believe: the partnership of different institutions and organizations are crucial for long-lasting results

What we stand for?

What our goals are?

The Foundation's objectives are:

  • Stimulation of sustainable environmental, social and economic development of Kairouan Governorship and Central Tunisia
  • Encouraging political & social and economic empowerment and activation of disadvantageous & disfranchised groups and communities of Central Tunisia
  • Promoting of political, social and economic rights of People with Disabilities and their practical enforcement via social entrepreneurship schemes.
  • Promoting women's rights & gender mainstreaming and their equal stake in all aspects of political, social and economic life. Fighting any displays of gender-oriented violence
  • Triggering of community revival, entailing infrastructural upgrades and accessibility improvements
  • Stirring and promoting tangible, results-oriented transparent multi-stakeholders & cross-sectoral partnerships of grass-root CSOs/NGOs, Local Authorities and Business; Including practical formulas of public-private partnership and community beneficial job-sharing between societal groups and public actors
  • Engaging in charitable and social service activities of every kind to help the poor, needy, aged, ill, backward and weaker sections of the general public without discrimination of religion, caste, creed or sex
  • Providing health, psychological and social care to disadvantageous & dysfunctional families and beyond
  • Supporting programs, professional groups, civic organizations and institutions which provide health, psychological and social care to the family
  • Promoting of integrity, transparency, fairness, equality and inclusiveness
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and support development of viable, genuine pro-poor income generation
  • Encouraging communities & stakeholders to engage in a bottom-up approach to whenever needed to respond to community development challenges
  • Supporting true community based NGOs and CSOs in addressing rightly identified community needs via targeted capacity building, networking, partnerships, found-raising and grant-making
  • Revitalizing a true local democracy: stimulating social and community awareness and participation in all aspects of political and social life
  • Protecting environment and nature & engaging in meaningful activities aim to support biodiversity conservation & green development oriented actions, possibly on bottom level
  • Promoting wide and unlimited access to information, including e-connectivity & range of needs tailored ICT4D tools.
  • Stimulating informal and life long learning
  • Promoting local heritage & culture & art as a leverage of social and economic development.
  • Promoting sustainable tourism as meaningful tool of durable community improvement
  • Making voluntarism as a true factor of local change in Tunisia

Want to work with us?

Get started with Your Project Idea NOW

The Foundation is currently looking for early project ideas to be further developed, elaborated into fully-fledged project proposals and funded under our up-coming community micro grant programme in Kairouan and Central Tunisia.

WE STRONGLY invite all interested organizations, institutions and informal groups from Kairouan and Central Tunisia to submit their project ideas via OUR on-line project idea generator:

Submit and Get Your Feed-Back Soon!

Our team will contact you within 14 working days upon your submission

helping you to further develop your idea into full and proper project proposal!

Experiencing technical difficulties?

Want to report a technical problem with the generator?

Contact us at: support@fixkairouan.org

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